Advertising guidelines

Prohibited Items

  1. Alcoholic Beverages: Products containing and used in brewing alcohol are strictly restricted due to legal and safety concerns.
  2. Firearms, Weapons, and Related Accessories: The sale of firearms, weaponry, and related accessories or ammunition is forbidden 
  3. Explosives and Fireworks: Dangerous items like explosives and fireworks are not allowed for sale.
  4. Sexually Explicit Material and Adult Services: Any content depicting sexually explicit materials or adult services is prohibited. 
  5. Controlled Substances: This includes tobacco products, e-liquids, marijuana, and other cannabis-derived products. 
  6. Counterfeit Goods: Selling counterfeit or infringing products violates copyright and trademark laws. 
  7. Certain Medical Devices and Prescription-Only Products: These are subject to strict regulations. 
  8. Deceptive Marketing Tactics: Services fostering deception are not permitted 
  9. Items Violating Intellectual Property Rights: Products designed to circumvent copyright protection fall under this category. 
  10. Certain Financial Services: Examples include credit repair, debt collection, and virtual currencies.

Restricted Sales with Conditions

  1. Animal and Pet Supplies: Some supplies may have restrictions. 
  2. Artwork: Artwork violating copyright or trademark laws is subject to conditions.
  3. Automotive and Powersports: Certain goods in this category require pre-approval. 
  4. Beauty and Cosmetics: Compliance reasons or hazardous materials lead to restrictions. 
  5. Consumer Safety Equipment: Heavily-regulated safety goods are restricted.
  6. Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia: Various restrictions apply to drug-related items
  7. Flammable and Pressurized Goods: Items like adhesives and aerosols have restrictions.
  8. Ingestibles, Wellness, and Medical Devices: Health-related items are subject to conditions.
  9. Tobacco and Related Products: Various restrictions apply to tobacco-related goods.

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