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CYCCmarket operates as a platform where buyers and sellers can interact and conduct transactions independently of CYCCmarket. We want to emphasize that we are not involved in agreements between buyers and sellers regarding product quality, pricing, delivery, or any other transaction-related matters on the website.

Product Quality and Pricing
CYCCmarket does not take responsibility for the quality, condition, or accuracy of products offered by sellers on the website.
Prices displayed on CYCCmarket are determined by sellers and may vary without our control. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of price information.

Suspicious Product Listings
We take security and integrity seriously. CYCCmarket reserves the right to update or remove listings for products suspected to be stolen or counterfeit to protect our users and maintain trust in the platform.

Complaints and Seller Suspension
Feedback from buyers is important to us. If a buyer submits written complaints about a seller, CYCCmarket will thoroughly investigate the matter. Upon confirmation of inappropriate behavior or policy violations, we reserve the right to suspend the seller from the website.

Reporting Unacceptable Behavior
We encourage users to report suspicious listings or unacceptable behavior to maintain a safe and reliable trading environment on CYCCmarket. This helps ensure a fair and positive experience for all users.

Legal Guidance
For additional safety and clarity, we strongly recommend both buyers and sellers seek legal advice as needed, especially regarding disputes or complex transactions.

By using CYCCmarket, you agree that you understand and accept that CYCCmarket does not assume responsibility for product quality, pricing, or any other transaction-related matters between buyers and sellers on the website.


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